Music Supervision

Music Supervision is a way to bring an artist's musical compilation into the hands of an individual or company that will then place that creation onto the big screen for audiences to hear and experience. Our company will act as a liaison between the creative and business end of that process. Once a song is approved by the Gorgeous Media team, we will apply our experience and musical expertise to correctly identify a suitable company for acquisition. With our sophisticated knowledge of music licensing and negotiation, our cultivated relationships will help your compilations reach broader markets. Our partners include those who work in film, television, advertisement, theater, and video gaming. We are here to advise, generate, and work within the financial parameters of the projects we are placing. We deliver musical elements within a timely manner and secure all legal rights for each song. If you require it, we can also provide management of your royalty collection. Music supervision is one of the most significant ways for an artist to gain exposure, spreading and exposing your music to the larger audience that your creation deserves.